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Travel Trade Specials for 2023

How to use our Spreadsheets

You will see across the bottom of the excel sheet that our Group DEMA special are split into 2 travel dates.  Our DEMA specials are based on a minimum 7 night stay and a minimum of 5 days of diving.  You can also book non divers.  When you open each sheet you can plug in 7 nights and 5 days of diving, and also the commission rate.  The cells will then show the rack rate, commission and the net rate.  We only pay commission on the room and dive portion of the package.


The last two tabs on the bottom are for FIT.  Again split into low and high season.  Here you can punch in the different numbers of nights, dive days and commission.  During high season we have a 5 night minimum.


Photos & logos for Sunset House including our 2020 promotional video

FIT or groups under 7 nights

Pre-DEMA & DEMA  Group rates 

Sunset Divers

Dive only prices

Dive only pricing - valid from December 1st,  2019

Sales & Reservations Team

Our sales & reservations team is available 7 days a week from 7.30am to 5.00pm (Cayman Time).  Kim is located at the Resort in Grand Cayman and are awaiting your email or call. 


Email Direct


1 800 854 4767


+ 1 345 949 7111

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