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The Shore Dive - Sunset House Reef

Sunset House has something on Grand Cayman that most dive operators do not have.  That something is our very own house reef, with world class shore diving.  As part of our dive packages, shore diving is complimentary on your two tank boat diving days.  When you return from the morning two tank boat trip, enjoy lunch (alcoholic free of course) and jump straight back into the Caribbean waters.  Dawn, afternoon, and night dives, the choice is yours.

Our experienced dive team will brief you on the house reef, ensuring to point out all the highlights including the mermaid and the wreck of the Nicholson.  You can also visit our coral nursery and learn about the importance of coral reef restoration.

Once you're in the water you will immediately see why it is one of the best around.  Our water is 80 degrees all year long. Just 20 yards from the pool and bar you can giant stride into the ocean.  Our ocean fed sea pool is an ideal place to take your time and do a buoyancy and equipment check.  We have resident turtles, eels, nurse sharks and even a manta has been seen on occasion.  

You can rent tanks at the Sunset Divers dive shop and explore the house reef in your buddy groups or for a small additional charge you can have a guide to show you around our beautiful reef.

Air Tank $17 each

Nitrox Tank $20 each

Weights $5 per day

Guide $75 per dive for the 1st person

Guide $30 for additional person on the same dive

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