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The Mermaid - Amphitrite 

For century's seamen have been telling tales of elusive mermaids of the sea, now many years later the folktales have come true with the placement of 'Amphitrite', a stunning 9 foot bronze mermaid statue, off the shore of the Resort.  The mermaid, commissioned by the resort serves as a popular attraction for divers & snorkeler, but also eases the strain on our house reef's beautiful coral & surrounding environment.

In November 2000, the mermaid, weighing more than 600 pounds was placed and secured. Selected because of its timeless vision of the ocean realm, Amphitrite rests in approximately 50 feet of water making her accessible to both the diver and snorkeler.  

The sculpture, cast out of superior quality silicone bronze, was signed, numbered and dated by prominent Canadian sculptor, Simon Morris.  Morris took great care when assembling Amphitrite's cast pieces, by using welding rod of the same alloy as the sculpture itself to avoid discoloration, although natural weathering ill slowly change the patina of the entire work.

Amphitrite (am fi tri te), Siren of Sunset House is the official name of the mermaid, referring to Poseidon's wife.

You can rent tanks at the Sunset Divers dive shop and explore the house reef in your buddy groups or for a small additional charge you can have a guide to show you around our beautiful reef.

Air tanks $17 each

Weights $5 per day

Guide $75 per dive for the 1st person

Guide $30 for additional person on the same dive

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