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CoralWatch Distinctive Specialty Course

At Sunset Divers we are is proud to announce for 2019 the newest PADI Distinctive Specialty, our unique Sunset House CoralWatch Diver Course.  CoralWatch is a methodology originally designed in Australia at the University of Queensland to monitor the health of the Great Barrier Reef. It has since grown into a globally co-operative network of citizen scientists and volunteers working together to collect real-time data to be used for combating, understanding, and aiming to reverse the negative effects of coral bleaching.


This course will introduce budding citizen scientists to the knowledge, dive planning techniques, risk management and gripping enjoyment of completing CoralWatch surveys on the coral reefs encompassing Grand Cayman. The goals of this new course are to refine the student diver’s buoyancy skills, introduce scientific data collection techniques, and finally correlate these together with the input of the gathered data into the CoralWatch global database network. Every survey completed will make a difference in the future of our beautiful coral reefs, and it all starts with you.


This exciting new course is available to reserve now, including a hands-on academic portion introducing the coral health chart which can then be put into action during the two ocean dives with your CoralWatch instructor.

This course can be completed over one full day or 2 half days depending on availability.

$275 per person

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