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West Bay ECO Warriors

Sunset House and Emma, from their Sales & Marketing department are 100% fully supporting the West Bay ECO Warriors program with funds & time to help local kids learn about their local environment, marine life, swimming & snorkeling.

The program is also run in conjunction with the Ministry of Education & YMCA. The YMCA & the Ministry have identified these kids as being 'at risk' in some way; this could be that their parents/guardians work late & cannot be there afterschool or a more serious problem.

Unfortunately the Cayman Islands Government has cut their funding, therefore the afterschool program is always running in deficit. They greatly appreciate any help in any way that will keep these kids safe and lead them into further education when they are older.

The West Bay ECO Warriors were The Cayman First Classroom of the Month - October 2017

Afterschool swim program community outreach

The kids from the local West Bay Primary School, John A Cumber, meet for 2 hours a week for approximately 10 weeks. Our goal is to improve younger children’s watermanship skills in the pool and ocean, while learning interesting facts about the Cayman Islands marine life and local environment. 

The program will be enhanced by guest speakers from Grand Cayman, who will educate and entertain the children on subjects relevant to the marine environment and its protection and preservation.

The overall Environmental Outcome is to produce future Dive/Tourism Professionals from the Cayman Islands who are AWARE and PROUD of their Island’s Beauty and Marine Environment.

“After living & working on different Caribbean Islands I discovered that the local kids in the community do not receive formal swim training as part of their school curriculum. It is great to now be in a position with Sunset House to be able to offer these skills to the kids in Grand Cayman. By introducing them to swimming & snorkeling I am hoping to raise their awareness to the special qualities that the Cayman Islands have & how they can eventually make a career for themselves in the Tourism Sector.”

Emma-Jane Fisher – Sales/Marketing & Outreach Training, Sunset House.

The West Bay ECO Warriors program is run entirely on donation.  If you think you might be interested in making a donation, please email Emma.  Any amount is greatly appreciated and can help with swimming/snorkelling equipment, transfers from the school to Sunset House or even their weekly snacks.

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Hope Academy SCUBA Program

More details to follow

The kids from Hope Academy & Sunset Divers were The Cayman First Classroom of the Month - April 2019