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Meet The Sunset Divers' Dive Team

Reid - Boat Captain & PADI Instructor

Always willing to offer advice about proper weighting, along with "Reid's Hints & Tricks" to become a better diver!

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - 

Did you know Reid is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and loves playing the horn. Ask Reid about his horns!

Alex - Boat Captain & PADI Instructor

Always has a good dive site and joke up his sleeve.

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - Channa Masala or the Dahl - Spicy of course!

Escaped the cold snowy winters from Colorado to be a dive instructor on a sunny island

Pablo - Boat Captain & PADI MSDT Instructor

With over X years as a dive instructor you can count on Pablo to know the name of every fish in the caribbean. And if he doesn't, he's great at making up names!

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - Pasta Primavera

Hablas español? Si. Pablo is originally from Spain and can teach/brief in Spanish.

Tyler - Boat Captain & PADI IDCS Instructor

Driving fast boats and showing guests the amazing underwater world of Cayman.

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - Chicken fingers and fries

Hails from the great white north of Canada

Sarah - PADI Instructor

Has passion for teaching new divers about the underwater world, but also making them good divers. Don't let Sarah catch you touching the reef.

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - 1 of the newest dishes on the menu - Falafa Wraps

Sarah was tired of the cold raining weather of the UK and opted for a sunny Caribbean island with a farm boy. 

Jack - Boat Captain & PADI IDCS Instructor

Cold water or warm water, Jack is in his happy place. But if you ask, he prefers the warm salty Caribbean sea.

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - 

Jack worked in the restaurant business back in the UK. Loved the customer service industry so much he meshed it with diving and landed in Cayman!

Jayna - PADI Instructor

Insert something here 

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - 

Grew up in the London and dislikes bicycles

Al - Divemaster

Sort for Alex, you'll find his smiling face and willing to lend a hand or hold a hand when needed.

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - Cajun chicken burger with greek salad

Originally a farmer from the UK but followed his heart to the Caribbean and working towards becoming an instructor.



Liliya - PADI Instructor

The friendly face you will see in the dive shop or on the boat. 

Favorite Dish @ My Bar - Cajun chicken burger with greek salad

Ukraine by birth and spent her life growing up in the states and around the world, she now call Cayman home! 

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