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Explore the seas. Dive where you only Dreamed of. Discover the other two-thirds of your the planet – the undersea world!

Continue reading to learn how to continue your diver training or start to learn to dive with our amazing Sunset Divers crew.

All of our staff are highly experienced instructors who are on hand to share their wealth of skills and tips. Irrespective of your experience level, we have a full line of continuing education PADI courses to help you get the most out of every trip. The professional guides and crew always work tirelessly to make sure your dive vacation is memorable for all the right reasons.

Sunset House is famous for it’s easy diving and warm water. When the staff are not working you’ll find them in the water doing what they love the most… diving! If your just learning to dive we can help you with your very first diving experience by taking you through a resort course or if your already certified and have interest in a specialty program like Nitrox you can talk to our staff and make arrangements for that too.

We are here to help your every diving experience!

For visiting dive instructors who wish to train students at Sunset House (whether its referral dives or continuing education.) It’s important to know our policy. All instructors must be in “active” teaching status and we require a copy of professional diving liability insurance with Sunset House / Sunset Divers named on the additionally insured section. Without this training cannot be done unless done by a Sunset Divers Instructor. Training is generally conducted from the shore.