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Cayman Island Weather

The Cayman Islands lie in the far Western Caribbean, closer to the equator then a lot of people realise, between latitudes 19° and 20° North. The islands are cooled by prevailing trade winds, but the sun is HOT and we advise always to wear sunscreen, a shady hat and sunglasses. Please take the sun in small doses to avoid sunburn. Nothing ruins a great dive vacation quicker than a bad sunburn!

George Town Yearly Weather Summary

George Town weather is stable. Cool winter nights and hot summer days are the year-round norm; influenced only occasionally by winter storms known as Nor’westers. Summer humidity in George Town can be uncomfortable, but the cool sea breezes at night usually bring relief. Rainfall is seasonal, from May to November, with May/June and September/October typically being the wettest months. The driest months are usually February and March. January and February are the coolest months with daytime high’s in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and nighttime low’s in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. Summer temperatures peak in July and August with daytime highs in the upper 80’s to low 90’s and nighttime low’s in the low 80’s.

George Town, the capital of Cayman Islands, experiences a tropical marine climate. It has a wet season of warm, rainy summers and a dry season of comparatively cool winters.

In George Town, the summer months experience a high temperature of around 86°F while the humidity too remains high. However, the cooling northeast winds turn the temperature into a bearable level for all, including the visitors. Throughout the season, George Town receives more than nine hours of sunshine. During September and October the city obtains heavy yet brief showers, around 2.36″ per month.

Rainy season
Rainy season, form May till November, comes in George Town with some unpredictable events. Heavy rainfall often spoils the each plan of the visitor; it is also the hurricane season. Although this is not peak season, divers do visit George Town during these months also to get every service in cheap. Stunning and less crowded beaches eagerly wait to have tourists from different countries. Great diving with flat seas, warm water temperatures and the chance to see corals spawning!

George Town welcomes the visitors during winter, from December to April, with a pleasant climate. Although it is the coolest periods the climate differs a little. The level of rainfall reduces during this time. George Town climate enjoys temperatures of 80°F and has on average eight hours of sunshine per day. Sea temperatures stay remains steady all year round with a comfortable temperature, 72°F – 76°F.

What to Wear
Visitors should remember that the Cayman Islands remains a “proper” British Crown Colony and our people are conservative by nature. The Cayman Islands Government strictly prohibits all forms of public nudity, so please do not wear bathing suits or scanty beach wear beyond the beach or cruise ship – and cover up when in public areas. As we say in Cayman, Please keep your shell on!

Neat, casual and comfortable tropical attire are appropriate throughout the Cayman Islands. Visitors will want to bring smart casual wear for evenings out at our restaurants. When attending church services, “Sunday dress” is appropriate – shorts and T-shirts are not considered acceptable, especially for ladies. However, ties are not expected!